VIVA® Universal Animal Containment Workstations

VIVA® Universal Animal Containment Workstations
  • Class ll Type A2 biosafety cabinet과 유사한 inflow, downflow, exhaust 기류를 통해 작업자, 시료 및 환경 보호
  • ISO Class 3 air cleanliness within workzone as per ISO 14644.1 (equivalent to Class 1 as per the US Federal Standard 209E)
  • Work tray 밑에 있는 85% Polyester pre-filter는 크기가 큰 오염물질이나 particle 제거
  • 99.999% at MPPS, 0.3~0.1 microns, Minipleat separatorless ULPA filter technology로 작업자, 시료, 환경에 대한 우수한 보호를 제공
  • Esco Sentinel™ Microprocessor는 작업자가 LCD 화면을 통해 작업대를 간편하게 조작할 수 있게 하며, sash 위치 오류 및 low airflow에 대한 경보 알람
  • Fail-safe system을 통해 기류 오류가 발생하면, 작업자와 작업 환경을 보호하기 위해 전원이 자동으로 꺼짐
  • Esco Isocide™ antimicrobial powder coating은 작업대 표면 미생물 서식을 방지

External Dimensions

(W x D x H)

Internal Work Area

(W x D x H)

Inflow Velocity Downflow Velocity Electrical
Without support stand with support stand

1423 x 815 x 1510 mm

(56.1" x 32.1" x 59.4")

1585 x 852 x 2235

(62.4" x 33.5" x 88.0")

1270 x 623 x 680 mm

(50.0" x 24.5" x 26.7")

0.45 m/s

(90 fpm)

0.35 m/s


220-240 VAC,  50/60 Hz

2030 x 815 x 1510 mm

(79.9" x 32.1" x 59.4")

2193 x 852 x 2235 mm

(86.3" x 33.5" x 88.0")

1870 x 620 x 680 mm

(73.6" x 24.4" x 26.7")


Support Stand

  • Infinitely adjustable motorized cradle stand, with casters
  • Elevates to accommodate user preference for sitting or standing work surface height with a touch of a button
  • When lowered permits movement through standard doorway
  • Utilizes electro-hydraulic motor to adjust the height 

Electrical Outlets and Utility Fixtures

  • Electrical outlet, ground fault, North America
  • Electrical outlet, Euro / Worldwide

Cabinet Accessories

  • Germicidal UV lamp
    • Controlled by automatic UV lamp timer through Sentinel microprocessor control panel.
    • Emission of 253.7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination.
    • Lamp is positioned away from operator line-of-sight for safety and proper exposure to interior surfaces.
  • PVC armrest
    • Chemically treated, improves operator comfort, easy-to-clean. 711 mm (28") standard size.