Korea University, 고려대학교

Korea University, 고려대학교

Client Profile: Korea University, Seoul, South Korea - Situated in Seoul, capital of South Korea.

Korea University is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in South Korea, attracting students from different parts of the world every year.

Founded in 1905, Korea University celebrated its centennial last year in 2005. This special milestone was highlighted by Samsung's donation of a new building on the campus grounds of the University, which housed some of the most hightech facilities for students as well as an exhibition centre displaying items that illustrated the step-by-step development of Korea University through the years.


Esco's staff had the opportunity to visit Korea University in April 2006, a month after the Department of Chemistry had just completed the second phase of its renovation.

This renovation plan included the installation of 24 units of new Frontier Mono Fume Hoods and 6 units of Ascent Max Filtration Cabinets. Associate Professor Lee Sang-Won, the driving force behind this project, and a pioneer researcher in South Korea in the field of Gaseous Ion Chemistry, commented that when he came into the Institution, he realized that most of the fume hoods in the laboratories were old; some laboratories did not even have fume hoods and students were conducting experiments with no protection at all. This was not an ideal situation to A/P Lee, who worried for his students' health, and thus started sourcing for new equipment. What struck A/P Lee about Esco's Frontier Mono Fume Hoods was our in-house test capabilities and our certifications for all the major safety standards in the world, combined with a highly-competitive pricing. This led to the University's decision to acquire 2 units for each laboratory, allowing students to work freely with the assurance that their health would not be affected by the toxic fumes generated by the experiments they conduct.

A/P Lee has been satisfied with Esco's products to date, and he hopes to refurbish even more laboratories in the future with new, certified equipment for his students. To this end, Esco looks forward to a long and successful collaboration with Korea University.